CBD For Kidney Stones

Kidney Stone Formation Kidney stones are one of the most common forms of urinary medical issues. Formed from different variations of mineral deposit in the Kidneys, kidney stones can be a cause of discomfort, pain, and severe urinary retention.  Four types of kidney stones While kidney stones are caused by mineral deposits, each variation in …

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CBD for Seniors

What is CBD CBD is a chemical compound that accounts for 40% of the extract from the famous cannabis plant. Short for Cannibidiol, CBD is primarily used in today’s societies for all forms of wellness and health practices, and is sweeping the world of medicine faster than almost any other wellness revolution in history.  How …

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CBD oil for osteoporosis

What is Osteoporosis  Osteoporosis is a common disease found in more than 3 Million Americans a year which reduces, in quality and quantity, the structures of the bones found in the human skeletal system. The bones become porous, causing fragility and increasing the risk of fracture exponentially.  Osteoporosis causes  While Osteoporosis can have many causes, …

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