CBD Muscle Recovery

What is CBD Cannabidiol- colloquially known as CBD Oil- is one of many compounds which is contracted from the cannabis plant. Its use in medicine, while still being researched and theorized about, has been shown to have a number of beneficial effects, and is regularly applied for muscular strain, skeletal repair, and neurological conditions.  How …

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CBD Sports Content

Benefits of using CBD for sports There are many well known athletes who use cannabidiol for use in their day to day lives, and there’s little wonder as to why- the compound can be highly beneficial for those who are fond of throwing around the pigskin.  Pain and inflammation CBD is a known anti-inflammatory drug, …

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CBD For Athletes

Professional Athletes are already using CBD Products What do Philadelphia Flyers favorite Riley Cote, legendary tight end Rob “the Gronk” Gronkowski, and several-time winner of the PGA Tour Bubba Watson all have in common? They’re all pro athletes who utilize cannabidiol, a compound produced by the cannabis plant, to ease stress pains and relax.  Legality …

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