CBD for Pain Relief

CBD for Pain Relief

Pharaoh’s Leaf provides superior CBD products that may aid in pain relief. Chronic pain affects over 20% of Americans and can impact your everyday life. The opioid epidemic affects so many Americans, leading to significant habit-forming and overdose risks. Over-the-counter pain relievers have their own set of long-term side effects, leading to gastrointestinal harm, high blood pressure, as well as liver and kidney problems.

The Benefits of CBD for Pain

CBD has promising therapeutic potential for alleviating pain and inflammation. Research has shown that CBD is also non-habit forming, safe in large doses, and can’t lead to tolerance development. There is substantial evidence that CBD may be a compelling pain relief treatment for those suffering from chronic pain, trauma-induced pain, nerve pain, as well as general muscle soreness.

Pharaoh's Leaf CBD for Chronic Pain

Our incredible, high-end CBD line offers multiple ways to cope with pain. Enjoy our topical options for applying CBD directly to problem areas. Our tinctures, gel caps, and isolate powders provide great choices that may aid in pain and inflammation experienced throughout your body. Please speak to your healthcare professional prior to taking CBD if you are on any medication.

If you’d like to learn more about CBD and pain, please contact us!

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