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Benefits of using CBD for sports

There are many well known athletes who use cannabidiol for use in their day to day lives, and there’s little wonder as to why- the compound can be highly beneficial for those who are fond of throwing around the pigskin. 

Pain and inflammation

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory drug, and is a great aid to reducing inflammation which is so typical of a regular athlete, the kind of person who is prone to overexertion in their muscles and who might be suffering from inflammation anywhere in their muscular structure. 


Some athletes, after a day of pushing themselves beyond the normal physical limitations of man, may find that they suffer from stomach pains and nausea. CBD Oil is a ready made remedy for such an occasion. 

Appetite stimulation

Obviously, people who burn calories as quickly as your average athlete does need to maintain a healthy and consistent diet- but sometimes, you just can’t muster up an appetite. That can be dangerous. CBD Oil stimulates the appetite, ensuring you get your proper caloric intake for the day. 

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are a part of life as a physical specimen- overuse of the muscle often leads to such a condition, and it can be severely irritating. CBD Oil has been known to quiet these spasms, though, allowing one who suffers from such a problem to get much needed rest. 

Concussion Protection

Recent research has shown us that CBD has some curiously effective neuroprotective properties absent in many other common athletic supplements. This means that concussive blows to the head could do far less damage than they might in someone who eschews the cannabinoid. 

Alternative to NSAIDs

Trying to find anti-inflammatory drugs that don’t contain steroidal properties can be a real hassle, and NSAIDs are usually incredibly expensive, have a grossly lengthy list of side effects, or both. CBD Oil, a cheap and safe alternative, is therefore a highly sought out product for this purpose. 

Alternative to Opioids

Some athletes, in a desperate bid for relaxation in an otherwise incredibly turbulent life, turn to opioids and other less than safe drugs in order to come down from the rigors of athletic life. CBD is a far safer- and typically more legal- alternative. 

Improve sleep quality

Any doctor can tell you that in order to maintain an active lifestyle, the most important quality to foster is a regular and sound sleep schedule. Some people, unfortunately, have barriers to this goal- insomnia or other conditions which decrease the quality of their rest. For these people, cannabidiol is the key to a brighter future, as it’s been known to improve sleep quality and effectiveness. 

Side effect

No drug is without side effects- and CBD Oil is no exception, of course- but the problems that may arise from the regular use of cannabidiol are minor, and relatively minimal. Still, one should be cognizant of what they may be facing. 


Some patients who take CBD Oil may find that they are experiencing more frequent and intense bouts of fatigue than might normally be expected, even for someone of their active lifestyle. This is a typical side effect of cannabidiol. 


It’s true that one of CBD Oil’s more pronounced and common side effects is increased frequency in the evacuation of the bowels. Yes, diarrhea may be a prominent aftereffect of taking CBD Oil, and you should be aware that it’s a possibility before taking the drug. 

Changes in weight 

The changes in appetite that are so beneficial may have a noticeable effect on your weight. If you’re an athlete who is considering taking CBD oil and are weighing the pros and cons of the drug, this is something to take into account, as it is always important for athletes and other proponents of an active lifestyle to be aware of their weight. 

Changes in appetite

While the change in appetite is often considered a benefit by most people who take CBD Oil, there are some people who see it as a considerable detriment. If you’re going to take CBD Oil, be sure of the consequences before application. 

How CBD Works

While the research on Cannabidiol is definitive, there are still lots of people who are unclear on how the process functions. CBD oil is a cannabinoid, meaning it directly stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, a physiological construct which directly influences the nervous, muscular, and gastrointestinal systems. 

How to use CBD

For those who are confused about the application of CBD, there are a variety of delivery mechanisms- edibles, tinctures, salves, and vape pens are all prime examples- which can all be utilized in order to apply CBD Oil to the system. 

How much 

While the dosage of cannabidiol that is right for you is heavily dependent on your condition, personal bodily needs, and health status, it is generally recommended that 20-40 mg is a safe dosage for an otherwise healthy, fully-grown adult. 

Is CBD considered doping? 

While CBD is a drug that is derived from the cannabis plant, and some sports leagues and organizations will still consider it using illicit substances as a form of unfair chemical improvement, it is not generally considered “doping” in the majority of sports orgs.

Legality for athletic events

All the same, the rules on whether or not you can imbibe CBD Oil before your next big game varies from league to league, and you should consider whether or not its legal in your organization before you make the purchase. 


The World Anti-Doping Agency, which is a benchmark from which many sports leagues take their information on the legality of any particular drug, has classified CBD Oil as a legal drug to take, so long as it possesses lower than the legal .03% THC content. 


College athletes who are aware of the NCAA’s infamously strict anti-drug policy may be concerned about the legality of taking CBD oil. The truth is, the NCAA’s stance on CBD oil is a bit of a gray area- while the drug isn’t expressly forbidden, it could fall under their ban on chemically related substances to compounds which are on the list- like THC. 


The NFL’s only problem with a cannabis based chemical compound is THC, and follows similar guidelines to the WADA- though not exactly. Recently, the NFL has been cracking down on what constitutes mind-altering. All the same, famously, Rob Gronkowski took CBD Oil for pain and stress management even during his football career. 


The venerable MLB has, appropriately enough, relatively antiquated laws on CBD Oil, saying it isn’t allowed in or near their players. However, in December of 2019, they began to revise the laws regarding the use of cannabis products, and the rules may shift any day now in favor of cannabinoids. 


While the famous basketball league the NBA has had marijuana and other cannabis products, including CBD Oil, on their banned list since the late 90’s, that’s starting to change. Recent comments by prominent figures in the organization like former commissioner David Stern and VP of communications Mike Bass have hinted towards possible legalization within the sports league. 


The USATF- short for USA Track and Field- has been curiously silent on the matter of CBD Oil, but until they remove cannabis and cannabis related products from its ban list, it’s probably safe to say that CBD Oil isn’t going to be good for your career. 


Funnily enough, MMA have been one of the biggest advocates for CBD Oil in the sports industry, some fighters even getting sponsorship deals with CBD companies, and two of the biggest MMA leagues- Bellator and UFC- have been among the first to legalize the product for their athletes. 


As mentioned, UFC is one of the loudest and most recognized proponents of the compound. 


While soccer is such a widespread sport that it’s difficult to list all of the different leagues which do and don’t support CBD Oil, most have followed in the example of the WADA, like the English Premier League, Serie A, and Major League Soccer. 


Curiously for a sport which arguably puts its players at a higher risk for muscular and nerve damage than any other, hockey has been restricted on cannabinoids. While players don’t face disciplinary action for their use, they do have the results charted and is submitted to NHLPA committee for review. 


More or less every triathlon organization in the US- including the Ironman organization- have embraced CBD as a form of pain relief and medicine. They have been one of the biggest advocates for its further use in the athletic world. 

Professional Athletes using CBD

As mentioned earlier, some prominent figures like The Gronk use CBD Oil in their regular routines and career. Other such examples include Mike Tyson, David Wells, and Nate Diaz. 

Future of CBD in sports

While the timeline itself is a little hazy at the moment, I think it’s very safe to say that CBD will play an even more prominent role as a medicine, form of stress relief, and relaxant as we move forward into the future of sports. 

Try CBD for recovery

If you’re a professional or even amateur athlete who needs a regimen to recover from the continuous stress that naturally results from those athletic rigours, considers CBD oil as part of that routine. It could do wonders for that muscle fatigue that just won’t go away. 

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