White Label Drops 15,000mg


White Label Drops 15,000mg

TINCTURE 30ML – 15,000MG

30ml – 15,000mg CBD

Our CBD tincture is the perfect easy-to-use product for an active
lifestyle. It is made with natural ingredients that include nanoized
curcuming seed to battle strong inflammation, and help with
general stress and muscle tension. Infuse your day with the
smooth, subtle flavor of zero THC CBD.
• Smooth, mild flavor
• Blends easily into your favorite drinks
• Easy to use, convenient to store
• 100% pure CBD isolate sourced and tested zero THC in the
Shake well. Place 1 ml either directly into mouth or any of your
favorite drinks. Allow 10 mins for full effect
Serving Size: 1m| Servings per bottle: Approximately 30
Ingredients: 15,000mg nanoized curcumin seed, 15,000
USA nano-hemp concentrate =300,000 mg bio-equivalency


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